Central Bank calls for banks to keep abreast of the latest information technology


Economy news Baghdad:

Director of information technology and communication Department at the Central Bank, Adnan Asaad, Sunday, banks to go about banking and keep up with the latest information technology.

Assad said during the second day of the Conference of the modern banking techniques, and followed the news economy "to" Central Bank invites banks need to go about banking and matched by using the latest information technology. "

"The Central Bank demanding banks to develop short, medium and long term plans to keep up with the latest information technology, calling on banks to" create data centers inside Iraq. "

"Information security policy an important topic in banking transactions," stressing the need "to deal with Iraqi companies specializing in information technology and give the opportunity to young Iraqis in this area."

"We hope the banks rely on consultants for the purpose of developing sophisticated banks towards banking cadres with excellent services.