Independent: Corruption, not war, is the cause of Iraq's scourge

Journal May 6, 2017 Add comment 75 visits

Baghdad - Agencies

British writer Patrick Cockburn said the West presented the fall of the cities of Mosul and Raqqa as a declaration of the death of an authoritarian organization, which the author says is not certain, because the loss of extremists to the two cities means the shrinking of the so-called "caliphate" rather than its elimination.

The writer added in an article in the Independent newspaper that the preacher before his massive advance in 2014 and control of the west of Iraq and eastern Syria, was a professional insurgency and experienced, and the inability to organize now to confront an enemy tightly controlled the atmosphere, there are indications that the extremists transferred their officials and their Mosul and Raqqa to rural areas, where they can hide easily.

The problem of corruption and corruption in Iraq and Syria during the long wars is one of the reasons why it is impossible to return to normalcy, even if the problem of Iraq and Syria will not end even with the elimination of an oppressor. No battles found.

In addition, the war has wiped out the armies of Syria and Iraq, and there has been a scarcity of fighters even for opposition groups. For example, the Syrian regime's army can launch only one attack during fighting, which makes it weak. On other fronts, as happened when he launched the attack in Aleppo, the city of Palmyra fell into the hands of Dahesh.

The writer also noted the state of rivalry between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq. The author explains that the power of the state, both in Syria and Iraq, has been lost, and that the warlords have become the control of the roads and checkpoints, which makes the two countries small countries within the large state, leading to poor security in general and poor economic conditions.