Ayad Allawi or losses ..
Network Iraqi position
By: Ibrahim al-Zubaidi.
May 6, 2017
| 14:49 -
Maliki has not changed, and did not declare that he gave up, or will abandon sectarian religious approach, nor the idea of ​​backward obscurantist, nor about the Iranian Taivih and subservience, and did not undertake to relieve the initial hostility of secularism.

Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad, and before him his father, Hafez al-Assad, classified in the list of secular rulers, only because they are Mamaman, and they made their legitimacy productive secular Tldha elections and popular referendums, not religious or tribal or military reference. Although they all, and the like, they came cannon, and fell down them a tank, and some of them expected, and although each one of these butchers experienced in skinning and puffing was slaughtered secularism and democracy every day, every hour, and stained her face with the blood of its victims, and makes them synonymous with injustice The dictatorship and the rule of the knife and the dagger and cleaver, and the authority of thugs and the Republican Guard and intelligence.

In Iraq after the US and Iranian secular occupations of Iraq met with the same fate. It is enough, to become secular and perhaps the leader of the secular in Iraq to be "Avandia" is generalized, and too much talk about democracy and "justice," the distribution of ministries and positions, and that "struggling" with foreign intelligence, non-Iranian, American, British or Jordanian or Saudi Arabia, for example, and that politicians bicker turbaned, but. without exceeding the red lines laid down by the wali al-Faqih in the Baghdad embassy, ​​or one of their militias "holy"

"Our brother" Dr. Ayad Allawi, despite his roots "Guards" nationalist Baathist former wore clothes secularism early, from the days of his coup on his party, the Baath Party, and struggle hard for the formation of an Iraqi opposition "Baathist" from the military, ambassadors, journalists and students fleeing Saddam Hussein's regime.

To prove what neglected history we have to mention that under the deportees and undesirable in the Iraqi opposition formed by Islamists and Baathists, Iraqi and Syrian leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the leaders of the club, sponsored intelligence Syria Assad regime Wali al-Faqih, before you jump US intelligence to his chariot and handles financing and preparation It led to inherit Saddam's regime to be deported, American and Iranian and Syria, at the earliest opportunity.

It is said that the reason for the Syrian US-Iranian opposition refused to allow Ayad Allawi to enter its closed her club lies in its partnership with the opposition Salah Omar al-Ali, a Sunni minister al-Tikriti, a member of the national leadership of the Baath Party, a member of the Revolutionary Command Council, the former ambassador hosted by Saudi Arabia, and funded by the two organizations "reconciliation". He was not allowed to join them until he turned against his companion, who opened the door of his leadership, and acquired financial "reconciliation" and the seals and their paper "Baghdad".

It is the first day of the Vienna Conference, which gave birth to the unified National Congress, led by (his cousin) Ahmed Chalabi became Ayad Allawi, a member of the adult leaders, founded out, the first Iranian approval as a Shiite return to the arms of his brothers in the community, and the second American vacation as a "secular" may benefit America within Shiite house day.

It may be the reason for acceptance by the Prime Minister of an interim settlement, in 2004, for the months of transition a few is innocent of the Sunni opposition Salah Omar al-Ali and Saudi Arabia, and the Baathists opposed to Saddam reject any regulatory, financial or political dependence with Iran Islamists and agents of Iraqis.

Continued to maintain the title of "secular" in all successive Iraqi elections, which made the Iranian veto deprives him of a dream return to the chair of prime minister, and the consent of the US, too, but reluctantly.

And from 2005 until today did not stop running hard towards the chair, and resort to any means, and any alliance with anyone, Iraqi, Arab or regionally or internationally, can Inelh presidential chair, to no avail. This adoration satisfactory chair was dragged to be characterized by Ptqlebatth and alliances are unacceptable and illogical and irrational not just about the presidency but also pushed up for many of his followers in the previous list, (Iraqi), and in the current list, (National) to disagree with him, and out of organized, and even slander him and Bmzajith and his dictatorship in leadership, and "his words" that are not worthy of a political leader of, at all.

It seems that Ayad Allawi reached retirement age, and evidence that something of implausibility made him sit and laugh and to dialogue and communicates with the worst enemies and the enemies of the "secular", which spent all the years of "national struggle" for evangelization and protection of conspiracies most enemies and most distorting its reputation and stigmatization of reality.

Here's the news. "Statement of the Office of the Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki said that the head of a coalition of state (Law), Vice President of the Republic President of the coalition received (National) Dr. Ayad Allawi and his accompanying delegation, where the two sides stressed the deepening of dialogues between the various political forces for the maturation of the project (national) wraps around everyone in the next stage. " Is there a loss greater than this?

It was the Democrats and secular Iraqis, and still, need a political pole from within the political process leads them and unite their efforts and their voices, and establishes a strong united front capable of Chaks front Islamists, Shiites and Sunnis, and the change of power with balance, and open the doors of new hope for the Iraqi people to get rid of polio Altaschin Almottagasameen homeland and its people and its wealth. (The name of religion Srkona thieves). But Dr. Iyad Allawi disappointed secular Iraqis, while the slaughter of a knife, its history of secular meet him with whom he had described repeatedly as a "dictator, authoritarian and dominant on the judiciary, the user state and its organs and wealth to serve personal interests and partisan, sectarian and apocryphal malicious files that are used to drop his political opponents."

So Maliki has not changed, and did not declare that he gave up, religious approach sectarian, nor the idea of ​​obscurantist, nor Taivih and subservience of Iran, and did not undertake to ease the hostility of principle of secularism, and to stop the bloody wars against each of the calls to those who accused them of al-Maliki, more than once and publicly by the atheism and infidelity, employment and service countries hostile regional schemes to overthrow "the Islamic project."

The truth is that Allawi lost, and lose, affection millions of citizens, Shiites, Sunnis, Arabs and Kurds, Muslims and Christians, who were Aamlon to lead their revolt against the dictatorship of the Islamists, and their leader al-Maliki. It has proved to be the second face of the lousy currency itself.