Fatlawi: the secession of the Kurds must get in the framework of the Constitution and the law
head of the movement 'will' MP Hanan al, confirmed that the issue of the separation of Kurds from Iraq must be within the framework of the Iraqi constitution and the law can not get otherwise, pointing out that the contest new elections in Iraq parameters have not been clarified so far
He said in a press statement , 'Today every Iraqi is keen on the unity of his country and to keep his country united Like the issue of the Kurds who want to secede, this issue should get within the framework of the Constitution and can not get imposition or force and choose times are not appropriate
She added : We are keen on the unity as Iraqis and if someone wants to take even a step that this step should be in accordance with the Constitution and according to the laws, and in accordance with the mechanism or not be the other way
With regard to the upcoming Iraqi elections,Fatlawi said have not been clarified so far new coalitions landmarks to run in the upcoming elections the election is still unclear law and Landry Is that the old commission for elections if it will keep or will come a new Commission'.
She There are dialogues between the political blocs but has not resolved any subject so far and whether the National Alliance will run a list of two or more still these issues are unclear and will be defined by the law of elections and dialogues that will take place between the political blocs it is too early to speculate on the nature of coalitions considering that almost a year ahead of us to contest the elections and new coalitions are still not clear milestones to contest these elections https://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=61547