Vice: hidden hands trying to destroy the Iraqi economy
14:15 (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
MP from Basra Mazen Mezni province, on Friday, said that there are hidden hands trying to destroy the Iraqi economy.
He said in a statement received Mezni / balance News / copy of it, that there are indications from the Department of Agriculture for the injury of palm trees in the Safwan artificially and through hidden hands trying to destroy agriculture in Basra and the Iraqi economy as well as the possibility of transmission through infection
He called security leaders, the need to prevent palm trading between regions and provinces in order to eliminate this insect completely
And that "the Kuwaiti side infected with this infection for a long time while the student Mezni district director of Safwan, to resign in the administration of fluctuating attitudes and the presence of negative indicators on it
He noted that this file will be pursued with the Ministry of Agriculture and deliver the results to the Council of Ministers will also be held a meeting of the affected parties of this insect with the Minister of Agriculture for the purpose of developing appropriate solutions to the rest of the treatment of this crisis which would harm the Iraqi economy that has not been addressed quickly .anthy