Iraq's cash reserves have fallen from 78 to 45 billion dollars since 2013

By Ahmed Hevidar 3 hours ago
United Nations data indicate that the reconstruction of the areas controlled by a need for $ 35 billion, and reconstruction of Mosul alone requires $ 14 billion

Ruudau - Erbil

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning organized a conference in Erbil on the reconstruction of post-war Iraq on the organization of the "Islamic State" and called for a long-term plan to include the reconstruction of Iraq's devastated areas and economic development in Iraq. 2018 and up to 2023.

"The issue of rights is clear. Kurdistan is a nation of culture, people and geography. It deserves all the rights granted to other peoples," said Mahdi al-Hafiz, a member of the Iraqi parliament's economic committee. "The issue is about political issues, not about the concept of Right, that's why I think that in the future all these issues must be settled to ensure the common rights of all parties in Iraq. "

Al-Hafez added that "the success of the five-year plan depends on the oil revenues, because these revenues are the main supplier of Iraq, about 95% of the state budget, and that is why Iraq is in an abnormal situation and it needs a lot of work to make the economy balanced, Sectors of agriculture, industry and others. "

As for the amounts required for the plan, the member of the Economic Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, that "will be disclosed, as not yet prepared, and the amount will be announced after the development of the plan."

On the share of the Kurdistan Region of the reserves, Al-Hafiz said that "the Iraqi reserve is allocated to the State of Iraq as a whole, and the province is part of the state, and thus benefit by the allocation of various facilities, and should cooperate Baghdad and Erbil to develop the plan."

For his part, the director of financial operations in the Central Bank of Iraq, Mahmoud Dagher, to Ruddao, the right of the Kurdistan Region to obtain his share of the Central Bank, said: "As for the Iraqi reserve, let everyone rest assured that everyone who owns the Iraqi currency has a share of foreign reserves In the Central Bank of Iraq, whether resident in Iraq or outside, and the dear brothers in Kurdistan beloved have what they deserve from the share allocated for the acquisition of Iraqi funds.

He pointed out that "no one can take from the Iraqi reserve because it is in the global banks, but through the window auction currency, and banks in Kurdistan, like the banks in Baghdad, enter the auction to obtain financing of foreign trade to Kurdistan."

"For the Iraqi government, the remittances issued by the Ministry of Finance to the banks are deducted from the secondary market. This money belongs to all Iraqis. It is a financial policy issue. Iraq is in the north and south, and the reserves are abroad to keep the currency stable."

"The Iraqi reserves currently exceed $ 45 billion, distributed over various assets and in solid banks in the world, and until 2013 this reserve was about $ 77 to $ 78 billion, but the decline in oil prices and the war on the daisy made the demand large, The size of the reserve has diminished and, as a result, its role is to maintain purchasing power and stabilize the balance of payments of the national currency. "

The director of financial operations in the Central Bank of Iraq, saying: "We are not here to talk about the budget, in this context, the politicians are fighting among themselves in the House of Representatives, but we are to issue the Iraqi dinar and maintain its strength by contributing foreign reserves, and all the oil countries diminished reserves Because they defend their currency. "

Karbala governor Aqil al-Turaihi told Rawadaw: "As the city of Karbala is holy and receives large crowds of visitors throughout the year and in many seasons, it can organize this issue through cooperation locally as well as with the neighboring provinces and the federal government. I think that religious tourism and the other types of tourism, as there are archaeological sites and healing centers and others, this subject needs to be organized, and we have invited in the supreme body of coordination between the provinces headed by the Prime Minister, to form a committee To manage, organize and activate this file. "

On the size of the revenues of Karbala province, Al-Turaihi said that "unfortunately there is no clear and standardized revenue for the province. We are currently seeking to maximize these resources.

Noting that "if the process of organization, I think there are a lot of countries whose economy is mainly on tourism, so how Karbala province, which is not without a week of a massive visit to it, where annually comes about 5 million foreign passengers, We have called for this issue to be studied by companies specializing in this field, so that they will study the subject and develop programs and solutions. "

With regard to the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region, said the governor of Karbala that "this subject is dependent on the Constitution, and when there are elements will not wait for the Kurdistan Region any other party, but the Constitution is the one that regulates this subject, and relations Karbala province, and my relations personally, good with brothers in the province Kurdistan, and there is a possibility of fruitful cooperation between us. "

Meanwhile, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Reconstruction, Housing and Municipalities, Esterbek Ibrahim, said that "the damage and losses caused by the organization in a number of editors is almost 80% or more in some, especially in Ramadi. There are damage to the infrastructure, Water, sanitation, roads and bridges ".

Ibrahim added that "the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities has prepared technical statements to determine the extent of damage and estimate the cost of repair, and has already begun in a number of these liberated cities in order to restore services, so that displaced and displaced people to return to their areas.

"The cost of reconstruction requires careful calculation. Some liberated cities destroy about 80 percent of its infrastructure, especially water, sanitation and bridges, and most of the cities have been badly damaged, but I think Ramadi is the hardest hit by operations. The military to free them from the organization of a preacher. "

On the right side of the Mosul, the deputy of the Ministry of Construction, Municipalities and Municipalities said that "unless it is seen on the ground, it is not possible to estimate the losses accurately on the right side of Mosul. We hope that the city of Mosul will be liberated with minimal damage. .

As for the extent of Iraq's need for foreign aid, Ibrahim explained that "the government has priorities in the reconstruction, especially the services that touch the daily life of the citizen, because restoring these services to the former helps the citizen to return to his home. These services consist of water, And others. "

On the possibility of providing assistance to Iraq, he stressed that the current situation of Iraq is no secret to anyone, most of the investment projects in the state plan is stalled because of the financial and economic crisis in the country, and there are attempts by the government to borrow from international funds and funds of the United Nations and international organizations, .

"The city of Sinjar is already destroyed and damaged, and the ministry has begun its own possibilities to remove debris from streets and buildings and to restore some official departments to its work, but it needs a great engineering and technical effort to bring it back to what has been destroyed. I was before him. "

As for the total cost of reconstruction of the devastated areas in Iraq, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities noted that "there are many estimates. Some believe that the cost will be $ 70 billion or more or less. As an engineer, Accurate estimate without technical reports ".

As for the location of the Kurdistan Region of the five-year plan, which will cost from 350 billion to 400 billion dollars, Ibrahim stressed that "the axes currently being prepared in the five-year plan, is according to the proportion of population and geographical location, and the Kurdistan Region is within the plan is the same as the rest of the regions, That is the establishment of the conference here in Erbil as a sign that the region is an integral part of Iraq. "

It is noteworthy that the United Nations data indicate that the reconstruction of areas that were controlled by the need to need $ 35 billion, and the reconstruction of Mosul alone requires $ 14 billion, while the Kurdistan Regional Government calls for the inclusion of areas of the region that have been restored from advocating the plan.