Shares of banks and hotels fall on the Iraqi Stock Exchange at the close

04/05/2017 06:02 | Number of readings: 1

The general index of the Iraqi Stock Exchange closed Thursday, down 1.03%, at 629.47 points, losing about 6.55 points, compared to yesterday's levels Wednesday.

The performance of the index today, the decline of several stocks, the financial sector dominated the largest share; where 10 stocks fell in the sector, issued by the North Bank by 6.67%, followed by the Iraqi Investment Bank, and the Gulf Commercial Bank by 5.26% and 4.44%, respectively.

4 hotels in the hotel sector, followed by Al-Mansour Hotel by 5.26%, followed by Babylon Hotel by 3.28%, followed by National Tourism Investment Company down 1.33%.

On the other hand, several shares advanced, led by Baghdad Packaging Materials by 2.99%, followed by eligibility for agricultural production by 2.46%, and Baghdad increased soft drinks 1.36%.

Gulf Bank shares were trading today at 189.52 million shares, while Bank of Baghdad issues liquidity at KD 83.1 million.

Liquidity decreased today to 631.61 million dinars compared to 22.99 billion dinars in the previous session, and decreased to 974.82 million shares compared to 23.2 billion shares in Wednesday's session.