Reinforcements arrive Anbar ready to edit "Western Sahara"

2017-05-04 at 11:53

Special balance news

Horde clan spokesman in Anbar, Ghassan alaithaoi, Thursday, a buildup and military reinforcements in preparation for the liberation of Western Anbar desert areas.

He alaithaoi, to/news/balances, that "the Government sent reinforcements of troops and emergency regiments after security breaches suffered by international road link between Rutba and Ramadi."

He added, "there's a large mobilization of troops and making preparations to restore areas of Western Sahara.

And armed forces Commander General said Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Tuesday 2 May 2017, the weekly briefing that Iraqi-Syrian border is still not fully insured and exposed to security breaches by elements of "ISIS", pointing to the lack of adequate security forces to prevent terrorist infiltration from Syria and keeping security there.