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Mosul Dam safety and water rising to 321 meters.

2017-05-04 at 10:53

Baghdad scales news

The Ministry of water resources, announced Thursday, about rising Mosul Dam that was definite b 319 321 meters to yards.

The Minister said in a statement received Bharat/balance of news/copy, the Ministry opened the gate and tear in the Mosul Dam, which didn't open in nearly 12 years, after the water level was raised to 321 meters above sea level after he checked with 319 yards "

The Minister added that "running comes to experience five water safety tear gates and run the same water and tear channel check the stability and safety of the dam and the effectiveness of treatments in the ongoing maintenance and operation.

Janabi said that "Mosul Dam is safe and works efficiently," stating that "little Tigris levels will rise during the next week."