Education issues a statement: nothing us late teacher salaries, teachers

2017-05-03 at 20:04

Baghdad scales news

The Ministry of education announced Wednesday that lagging in teacher salaries and other responsible teachers and we have nothing to do with delayed salaries.

Education Minister said Mohamed Iqbal Omar pharmacist, said in a statement that "the subject teacher and teachers ' salaries was already settled by the transfer of powers Act of provincial territorial irregular Act (21) for the year 2008, in accordance with paragraph (45) first."

"Where is the transfer of functions and administrative, financial and legal powers under ministerial order numbered (2687) 14/2/2017 paragraph (29) for the operational budget to public directorates for education in light of the Federal State budget law and the instructions issued under paragraph (35) run competent banks current accounts as Exchange orders and that entrusted salaries of teachers and teachers to the provinces by his act."

The statement added that "lagging in teacher salaries and teachers bear responsibility for others not related to the Ministry of education by the fact that the subject has become off limits to financial viability," that "the Ministry is committed to distributing salaries on time for employees within the administrative strength according to financial powers given to it".