Security Advisor: big surprises awaiting ISIS in Iraq

2017-05-03 at 09:32

Baghdad scales news

Detect European Centre for counter terrorism Adviser Abdul Karim Khalaf, the Iraqi military preparations in preparation to launch new operations North and West of the upcoming right cutter for the connector, and among it will be the task of the army unit, stressing the need to accelerate the liberation of cities of Tal Afar walbaag and Kairouan.

Khalaf said the Iranian Fars agency withdrew that "there is a decision of the Supreme military command of security leaders in Nineveh requires willingness to open new fronts in military operations against cliques ISIS North and West of the city of Mosul, right cutter," Noting "now being finalized by the army which would be anticipated operations".

He continued after a slow advance "military units starting new operations, Ayman connector at this time specifically accelerates resolve battles left coast and opened the way for our troops toward the city center," continue "select any time to resolve operations right side under new battles starting and many surprises awaiting ISIS."

And about the conduct of military operations to the popular West Mosul crowd, among European Counterterrorism Center consultant that "hot spots where ISIS are the cities of Tal Afar walbaag and Kairouan in the Western side of the city and edited destroys the presence and power of ISIS in Mosul," desert still in front of the crowd many battles within the Western-centred ", stressed" the need to liberate these cities because of their military importance to resolve fights over Mosul