Deputy reveals remittances billions displayed is flag

2017-05-03 at 09:56

Baghdad scales news

The parliamentary Finance Committee unveiled Raheem Darraji, Wednesday revealed billions of dollars in remittances to organize ISIS get money-laundering operations and projects.

Darraji said, "control of currency conversions and money laundering remained weak in holding those who consider them accomplices on the country".

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Darraji said, "everyone working to deliver money to terrorists should be prosecuted for treason for Iraq," pointing out that "within the Iraqi State is working on organizing victories ISIS.

He explained that "those Executive working on the support of ISIS and transfer money to them, besides having portfolio within the country turn to support materially displayed is flag", noting that "some officials of the Iraqi decision authority didn't care how much money is transferred regulating ISIS as much as they care about how much financial benefit to be derived from such remittances."

He stressed that "there are projects assigned to the provinces under the control of ISIS billions went that money without knowing the mechanism through which"