Deputy: Abadi used an international team to develop the economy

2017-05-03 at 12:55

Special balance news

Economy and Investment Committee in the House of representatives, Wednesday, to call upon the Government to strong global companies to support the economy and invest in Iraq and mature experience, noting that investment and infrastructure projects in Iraq lacked experience.

Answer truthfully, Committee Member said Najib, l/scales "Iraq News exposure in earlier periods because many wars have caused Iraq not keeping pace with developments in the world economy," stressing "the need for foreign expertise supports Iraq in investment."

She added that "the Prime Minister Haider Abadi hired since taking power with an international group to develop the economy, and called us and British and Japanese companies and all developed countries to support investment and supporting Iraq experiences."

She answered, that "Iraq faces a real problem is a lack of economic expertise in the areas of construction and infrastructure," he said, adding that "all the incomparable projects development in the countries of the world, because of lack of experience".

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi weekly briefing held Tuesday, apply to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian and British Prime Ministers to send economic expertise to support the economy of Iraq