Card to reveal the 4.7 million users of their cards

Economy News

He confirmed the company (Ki-Card), on Sunday that four million and 700 thousand people are using their cards currently, indicating that it is seeking to expand its activities in various countries around the world where the branches of the Rafidain Bank there.
It was considered to Rafidain Bank and the retirement card that the company "limited corruption" salaries and contributed to the staff revealed "aliens", but they pleaded the existence of "problems" facing working out.
Said Director of Information Technology in the global smart card (Key Card) Ammar Jabbar, in an interview with (Mada Press), "The payment of salaries through the smart card within the services provided by the company's package," adding, "The company has a large package of services which kicks off the new one package. "
Jabbar said that among "other services launched by the company in the Office of the Prime Minister, certificates of birth and electronic death service," noting that "the company plans to launch an online service for the disbursement of the retirement of the martyrs and automation Automation a lot of services that rely on smart card"