Central Bank Governor: no room to cancel the sale of the dollar window, if canceled, the exchange rate has become 3 or 4 thousand, and perhaps more /

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Judge Ghassan

He said the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords to stop selling the dollar through selling currencies in the bank window will lead to the collapse of the Iraqi dinar financial situation in Iraq in general, stressing say that the central bank is obliged to do the job, even refrained from performing the role of the collapsed financial situation in Iraq.

Keywords and said in an interview conducted by the envoy of the agency "Economy News" on the sidelines of the annual conference of the Union of Arab Banks held in Beirut recently Waglguena sale Atarlasubh window Sarsrv Atarmabin 3 and 4 thousand dinars, and perhaps more.
He said the governor also Sndpartya case cancellation window printed currency to trillions of Aldnaniralaracah annually to cover the local need for dinars, will lead to Iraq's infrastructure to Anhiaralamlh because of inflation, known as Oma cash excessive.

On the prospects of floating Aldenarabraghi, similar to other countries in the region, Keywords said that it is Matrouh sealed now, and we are working on editing currency and not float, a large difference between the two

Keywords denied the existence of the currency auction in the central bank, but the sale of foreign currency window, stressing that the central mediator between the Ministry of Finance and the public is not only.

Turning to the experience of Lebanon and Jordan, in the field of maintaining the stability of their currency, pointing out that the situation in Iraq is different

He noted that the solution in Iraq is to reduce the demand for the dollar through the structure of the Iraqi economy is correct, and not through the sizes for the sale of the dollar.

The governor stressed the central bank sought to settle the salaries of employees in private banks, confirming the existence of a trend for the resettlement of all Iraqi employees' salaries next year 2017 in the banks.

Welcomed the Governor of the Central Bank of any request to host the House of Representatives, stressing the importance of the meeting with the parliament, on the basis of the fact that monetary policy is the issue of specialty can not be addressed from afar, or through skirmishes and analysis is accurate.