Maliki's office attacked the spokesman for the families of Nineveh ON 02/05/2017
Denied the Information Office of the Deputy Director of the President Nuri al-Maliki the statements issued by the spokesman for the elders of Nineveh Muzahim Ahoit about the Vice President of the Republic and the leader of a coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki to form tribal councils in the province of Nineveh, affiliated Iranian support

Said Hisham al-Rikabi in a statement that these statements are incorrect and the objective of which is clear distracting public opinion from the facts revealed by the leadership of the joint operations which proved the involvement of political parties to regional countries (unnamed) to help organize Daesh to enter Mosul and control

He added that such statements attempt to confuse the facts that have emerged recently as well as to confuse and undermine the victories achieved by the security forces describing the "Ahoit Balfjh statements and try to gooey symbols that defended Mosul and its people by sectarian parties that supported terrorism."

Rikabi said, "He explained all things will be clear with the restoration of Mosul entirely by the joint forces in the coming days, and that the evidence in the possession of operations command will appear from the offending Dadam terrorism and the introduction of the organization Daesh into Iraqi territory

The official spokesman for the Arab tribes in the province of Nineveh, Sheikh Muzahim Ahoit, said on Monday that Maliki has succeeded so far in winning a number of Sunni Arab tribal leaders and personalities from the left side of Mosul and south of the city it is currently working secretly to form tribal councils in Nineveh affiliated with the direct support of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian Supreme leader Ali Khamenei