Iraqi intelligence ousted the largest gang of counterfeit currency related abroad
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} resulted in a joint effort for the overthrow of one of the most dangerous mafia currency counterfeiting its members practiced their activity partners with them in Lebanon, after the arrest of a woman and her daughter at the Baghdad International Airport, and with them large sums of money from the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar.
According to investigative papers, the defendants in their statements Agherta Bmmarsthma more than once this activity, the same way prior to disclose them .
According to media sources , investigative judiciary, " The information received intelligence about people working for a serious mafia competent currency and counterfeiting of money laundering were present in Baghdad."
The sources added that " the competent judge issued an arrest warrant against the accused and ordered a detachment to act and arrest them , " noting that " the defendants before the judge had made confessions serious and important for a large network operating between Baghdad and the Lebanese capital of Beirut."
The sources pointed out that "confessions came on a woman and her daughter was about to reach Baghdad and with them sums of up to 100 million Iraqi dinars Class A {50} in addition to 100 thousand dollars."
It reported that "an arrest warrant issued against Ms. and her daughter , which arrived to Baghdad International Airport and controlling possession of larger amounts than made by the accused in his words placed in the hand bag for each of them."
Says one of the main defendants that "several operations for the sale of counterfeit currency you get from one group to another, where we sell all fake million dinars at a rate of 300 thousand dinars, while $ 1,000 was the price by about $ 300."
He added that "sales continue upward until about counterfeit currency melt in the market when people do not know the truth."
For its part, it reported the accused in her with the "judiciary", that " the first my trip Kantma my mother, have been equipped medical reports therapeutic forged so I can leave to Lebanon and back without repeating the attention of the security and intelligence agencies."
She added that " it was a residential hotel in Hamra street in downtown Beirut , where I received a sum of Lebanese person claiming to {} teacher of 60 thousand dollars."
It believes that " the first operation was an experiment to ensure its success has entered Baghdad International Airport and put the money into my clothes."
The sources goes on that "investigations showed the presence of another serious gang has a large printing press in the capital , caught with those responsible for the amount of one billion dinars and a half Mayar all of the category {25} alpha all fakes."
And completed the sources said that " the number of accused in this case has reached more than 23 people, was the ratification of judicial confessions and are awaiting the completion of legal proceedings pending referral to the trial court."