Iraq 37 gold reserves universal b 89.8 tons

Tue, 02 May 2017 08:19:00

According to the World Gold Council, the global reserve of gold around 33.33 thousand tons, by the end of the first quarter of 2017 compared 32.74 thousand tons by the end of the same period from 2016, registering growth of 32 consecutive quarter since the second quarter of 2009, with an average of 1.3% in the quarter.

The data indicated that Lebanon was replaced after Saudi Arabia in terms of Arab gold reserve, which came in 18th place globally by 0.9% are tons of 286.8 world reserves.

In third place came Iriba and 25th place globally Algeria b 173.6 tonnes, followed in fourth place among Arabic States in order universally 31st Libya b 116.6 tons, then Iraq in Fifth Arab and the universal 37 b 89.8 tons and Kuwait sixth ranking Arab and the universal 39 b 79 tons, followed by Egypt at Arab and 7th order 41 75.6 tons globally.

United States led the world in terms of gold reserves, with 8133.5 tonnes, which constitutes approximately 24.4% of world reserves of gold, followed by Germany with reserves estimated at 3377.9 tons, representing approximately 10.1% of world reserves.

In third place came the IMF b 2814 tons, some 8.4% of world reserves, and IV solved Italy b 2451.8 tons, constituted 7.4% of world reserves.