The Basra Council reveals factors "necessary" to make Iraq's economic capital conservation

2017-05-02 at 13:43

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Councilor Basra originated Mansouri, Tuesday, to choose a province capital of Iraq economic step you need lgraeh and courage, noting that there were important factors such as the application of the law.

Mansouri said, l/News, scales "Iraq capital Basra economic choice was timely, as it was forming committees chaired by the President of the provincial Council and some bodies, trade unions and relevant departments in this regard."

Mansouri added that "House resolution, not only in case of application of paragraph free zones (commercial real estate) and open ports and land and marine markets towards global trade alabhzein market conditions."

Mansouri noted that "there are important factors to be applied prior to initiating implementation law that would begin in the House."
The House voted, last Thursday, the proposed law Iraq over economic capital Basra 29