Congress reach an agreement to finance the government
Economy News _ Baghdad:
Last updated 01/05/2017
- 11:58
Congressional negotiators reached an agreement between the two parties regarding the spending package to continue to fund the federal government until the end of the current fiscal year on 30 September next*

A top aide to the US Congress that must be approved by the House and Senate on the agreement before the end of Friday and Hristilah President Donald Trump to sign it to avoid the first shutdown of the government since 2013.

The newspaper (Washington Post), it is expected that Congress will vote this week on the agreement which is expected to include an increase in border security and defense spending

And to avoid Congress, led by Republicans closing the US government by agreeing to budget spending to fill the gap , the House of Representatives gave another week to agree on federal spending during the last five months of the fiscal year

Congress is trying to measure months ago trillion dollars of spending priorities for the current fiscal year.

And supported the Democrats budget to bridge the gap last Friday, one day after the postponement of the House leaders to vote on the President of the Health Care Act seeks to Trump and opposed by Democrats to end the «Oobamacair» health care program, after intercepting moderate Republicans on the items were added to attract conservatives.

The Trump relented earlier demands for Democrats not to spend the rest of the fiscal year, the law includes money to start building a wall along the US - Mexican border, and who said he was «necessary to combat illegal immigration and to stop drug traffickers».

Trump agreed management also to Republicans pledged to end the program