A secret network of tunnels dug huge ISIS in Iraq

2017/05/01 10:39

Military experts said that the huge spending and long nets that ISIS items excavated in Iraq and way of construction, demonstrate the ability of management to expand underground extensively, along with "the level of complexity in using weapons obtained illegally.

According to a report by Fox News website, Thursday (27 April 2017), the Canadian arms expert "Devin Morrow, responsible for studying and analyzing the weapons used by ISIS, indicated that the organization uses tunnelling machines to dig the dense networks of roads and houses to confuse coalition forces who leads a war against him.

The report said that the tunnelling machine discovered in hamdania (near Mosul) at the end of last year, thanks to the band discovered nine Iraqi army, Devine was quoted as saying, "they've built that machine", adding that "a lot of ISIS weapons illicitly traded small arms, but reveals to us others-like tunnel digging machine he made ISIS herself-a level of complexity not seen by the kedaash group.

Once you grab a weapon I own ISIS, start Devin Canadian aged 30 years and her team to carry out investigations, take pictures and viewing tags and serial number engraved on each.

Devine commented on what she saw "this level link ISIS with mastery of special weapons and ammunition industry is unprecedented."

Hundreds of confiscated weapons were different types of gun AK-47 (AK-47), described by Devin being versatile and easy trafficking, have interpreted the high reliance on this weapon, noting that "the gun of this model hold up for long periods, and widely used in the Middle East. Produces essentially the former States of the Soviet Union and Russia. "

It also contains an arsenal of modern weapons and equipment also ISIS productions, including those made by the same organization, which found mortars and refills we regret making ISIS. highlights of what I discovered Devin and her team, the "suicide vehicle, dubbed" SVBIED (suicide bomb packed in a car), according to a Fox News report.

Devin explained that fighters "ISIS" taking civilian cars and 4x4s and loading explosives and heavy metal plates ysafhonha help them to get closer to the front lines. "They're taking cars and trucks from Mosul civilians and conducting intensive changes into suicide vehicles".

Military operations are continuing, led by joint Iraqi forces from the army and popular mobilization and ayloul Nineveh guards against Al ISIS in areas of Nineveh, where I managed to restore the dozens of villages and towns, along the entire left side of Mosul (Centre province and stronghold of organization in the country), and several districts of the right side.