A local official: corrupt in Anbar out Doaash prison
[Where - Baghdad]
The chairman of the security committee in the Anbar Provincial Council Naim Gaood, Saturday, for the 'corrupt' in the security services to bring the elements in 'Daesh' from prison in exchange for 'handfuls' of dollars.
He Gaood in his televised seen by all of Iraq [where] he said 'there are some corrupt in the security services they remove elements Daesh Almtltkhh their hands with the blood of Iraqi prisons in exchange for handfuls of dollars in the province', adding that ' the security committee in the Anbar seeks to uncover those venal and corrupt in the security services for the purpose of referring them to military courts to be punished just because they are partners of the security Bakherouk and the deterioration of the security situation in Anbar. "
He pointed Gaood, that ' the people of Anbar are not terrorists or an incubator of terrorism, but in the corrupt security agencies who release the elements Daesh from prisons caused security Bakherouk in Anbar and Iraq in general. "