The Central Bank of the Islamic Bank closes the Murahaleen


The Central Bank decided Sunday, canceling business leave Islamic Bank and submit its fraud Murahaleen false information, stating that the legal service to take necessary legal action.

The Central Bank said in a press release received "news" economy, "the report by the control service for violations of banking Islamic Bank breach Murahaleen principle of transparency and disclosure and provide incorrect information misled the inspection commissions of the Bank, in addition to having false and fraudulent actions on bank capital in order to get licensed to practice the profession it was decided to cancel the banking practice leave granted to him".

He added that "the legal service to take the necessary legal action," adding that "company registration service has been directed at the Commerce Department for marking in their records and all concerned."

"Zia is set Salem guardian Bank for liquidation and notify the Bank in a detailed report about the size of liabilities and a settled plan."