Parliament votes on a resolution prohibiting the participation of officials of national interest and harms conferences finish reading two {Extender}

2017/4/30 16:16

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

House voted on the thirty-first regular meeting chaired by Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of 173 deputies parliamentary resolution banning Sunday attendance or participation of politicians or conference officials inside and outside Iraq without the approval of Iraqi authorities in addition to finish reading the Bills.

Information service said in a statement to the House of representatives received {Euphrates news} copy today that "at the beginning of the session, the Council rejected a recommendation to the High Commissioner for human rights by the Committee of experts on the representation of alaizidi component in the UNHCR within the given components share their exposure to significant violation by the terrorist organization of ISIS".

The Council voted on a resolution banning Iraqi politicians and officials attend or participate in conferences and meetings affecting the security of the State and political system wetzor national interest and held outside or inside Iraq without the approval of Iraqi authorities.

The Council voted on the recommendations of the report of the Committee on integrity violations committed by the province of Diwaniyah at the request of a representative of 45 deputies which includes the House objection decision on authorization and delegation of the Council President to take legal action against members of the fact that the decision is illegal and a pretext to prevent members from performing their role and stop all legal proceedings against the province on the background of the questioning of the President of the Council and following up cases listed by the integrity Commission and instruct security forces to pursue fugitives and adjust The car and open a case with integrity.

Mohamed Naji Attorney read a statement condemning the Turkish attacks on Iraqi territory repetition indicating that Iraq has taken all possible means diplomatically to get away from it all what the situation tense and complicated to deter aggression by frequent Turkish Government headed by Erdogan who raised Tempest irresponsible remarks when deputies accused of terrorism legislation and accused the popular crowd that terrorists besides interfering Iraqi host repeated attacks on Iraqi territory by occupying parts of the connector and the use of air power to attack sin against targets In drunken and Sinjar killed dozens of Iraqis, demanding a national attitude fits with the Turkish aggression against Iraq challenge and his people, calling to boycott Turkish products and trade goods and prevent them from entering Iraqi territory and a resolution of the House of representatives to require government victory for our people and the maintenance of our sovereignty.

Mp Sheikh Aboud Al-Issawi made a statement on behalf of the tribal Committee on implications in Iraqi society that left ISIS, which he referred to the importance of the work to develop a comprehensive operational programme to stabilize and return and strengthening security, expressed concern about the emergence of practices and customs of extraneous to the clans in exploiting obvious weak power, announcing an agreement a number of elders of tribes and clans of Iraq fully repudiating all of the proven affiliation of terrorist groups in various spade or assisted or Mall or Rogge for their ideas and the importance of speedy justice to resolve Files for the terrorists and the obligation not to embrace issues of terrorist groups and not to carry the clan elder in their actions and requiring State agencies to search for the missing and to appeal to the Federal Government and its institutions to compensate the relatives of martyrs and providing supplies to return to their areas and work on community reconciliation.

Jabouri made thanks to parliamentary Committee clan substantial efforts have been made to patch up peace community.

The Board concluded the first reading of a bill of health insurance and environmental health committees, labor and Social Affairs in order to provide quality health services and enable citizens to obtain them in health institutions in the public and private sector and outside Iraq and providing the service for free for groups unable to pay costs and relieve the State and the citizen at one time and activate the private sector remains full of companies approved to support and stimulate the health sector.

Presidency postponed a vote on each of the prisoners and detainees reform bill submitted by committees of social and Legal Affairs, security and defence and human rights and the second amendment Bill to the vigilante Registration Act 2000 {8} and number of defence and security committees, legal, financial and Government required resolution for action right at the bullets.

The Presidency also decided to postpone all of first reading of the draft law on the Council of State and of the Commission report and discuss a bill granting long and usually leave processing contractors and financial and legal Committee.

The Council concluded by reading and discussing a bill combining the judicial Institute of the judiciary after he voted for the Bill had not responded.

And in the interventions of representatives stressed the importance of Attorney Abdel Karim abtan judicial independence from the Executive power which requires judicial Institute included the judiciary and separated from the Ministry of Justice.

Attorney Abdul Jabbar Al-Abbadi noted that judicial Institute is one of the important bodies to prepare judges and associate with Executive power contrary to the Constitution forcing the player to the judiciary being independent not under authority of any interventions.

Mp Abbas Al-Bayati suggested the legal Committee meeting includes representatives from the Ministry of Justice, the judiciary, the Prime Minister and the Presidency to resolve the question of annexation of the Justice Ministry's judicial Institute.

Attorney drew Awad Awadi to speedy enactment of judicial Institute included the judiciary in order to establish the principle of the separation of powers and the application of the Constitution as well as the importance of identifying the number of judges.

Noted Attorney Ammar tastes defeat the principle of intervention by judiciary regarding the judicial Institute podcasts featuring students become judges as interference in judicial decision contexts is considered interference in the judiciary.

In its reply to interventions, the Committee on taking into account remarks ladies and gentlemen deputies of Browning Bill that comes with separation of powers and strengthen the independence of the judiciary.

On akhrnaksh the Council based on a request from the Deputy Ahmed Taha Shaikh subject difficulty coordinating and monitoring committees to her Department by regulatory functions in accordance with the Constitution.

Mp Ahmad Taha Shaikh problems in pursuing its commissions with ministries of various levels of sensitivity between Executive and regulatory bodies as well as mutual abuse between ministries and parliamentary commissions add to a fierce attack on the legislature by some quarters, suggesting a proposed draft law on parliamentary oversight contains mechanisms House call visits and answering mail and regulate mutual relations between the Parliament and the ministries.

And in the interventions of representatives called Deputy ULI Tamimi need to amend the rules of procedure of the House instead of legislating a new law to regulate the relationship between parliamentary committees and ministries.

Mohamed Al-shammari mp pointed to problems arising from the direct use of Deputies with ministries, especially some Ministers to understand the nature of the relationship or the role played by the competent authority and control legislation imposing a decision or a law in this regard.

Arunkumar ghaidaa mp showed the importance of legislation contributes to address some problems and maintain the prestige of the House of representatives and special trip to follow the work of universities that have become out of control and with broad powers.

She explained that most of Beiji Vice ministries refrain from providing Attorney with information or documents through parliamentary committees, although each Deputy right to exercise supervisory role without resorting to commissions.

Mp Riad urged Boutros-Ghali to establish a clear mechanism for oversight role of Deputy and determine penalties to reduce procrastination and obstruction.

Translate mp proposed a road map dry to be submitted by the President of the House of representatives at the meeting of the three presidencies to facilitate the work of the House and their oversight role.

Jabouri made thanked Deputy Ahmed Taha Shaikh idea pursue commissions for their work with ministries that served as natural contexts as the proposed law, alluding to the possibility of transferring the proposals to the legal Committee for the purpose of Browning House proposal.

The Board discussed at the request of Deputy Secretary Baker on disabling the Parliament of Kurdistan.

Deputy Secretary Baker drew more than a year to prevent entry to the territory Parliament Arbil which delayed the work of Parliament about his duties in the service of citizens, calling on Congress to pass a resolution obliging territorial authorities representative to activate the work of Parliament to carry out its oversight functions and legislative and confirming that Parliament's constitutional violation disabled.

In mp Arafat deputies interventions Karam everyone's support to activate work of Kurdistan Parliament being legitimate and important institution but disagreement on the mechanism that need to be agreed, noting that the committees continue their work in Parliament, but the speaker territory who wants to impose partisan opinion on others while we need a President representing all.

Mp Abbas Al-Bayati said that territorial legislature representing the will of the popular fair since it was founded after 1991 where filling a void in the territory which requires solving problems within the dome of Parliament rather than solve them outside, calling Mr speaker to drive a specific initiative to bring life to the territory's Parliament by meeting with interested parties.

Mp Mohsen saadun, noted that because of Iraq's disabled due to invite the President of Parliament for violation of the rules of procedure in the presence of Iranian and British consuls general this all in all parliamentary tradition, pointing out that the debate in the Federal Parliament considers a constitutional violation in the presence of the independence of the federal system.

Kaveh's Attorney and Mohamed to disrupt Parliament contributed to disable the legislative process in the territory, demanding that Parliament's role in activating the work of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region.

He in turn Deputy Secretary to the territorial Parliament flexed institutions representing the conscience of Kurdish people alluding to the Federal Parliament has the power to impose a moral Act and mediate to activate the work of the territorial legislature.

The Attorney noted that resolving the problems of Bachtiar shawis Kurdistan need to activate work of the territorial legislature.

Mp Khalaf Abdul Samad that change the Kurdistan Parliament Speaker must be under the dome of the Parliament in the territory, alluding to a Federal Court can be invoked.

For his part the President said that the Council Presidency will find a suitable resolution for its implementation.

Then decided to adjourn until next Tuesday 9/5/2017.