Iraqi national project sponsored a conference entitled "Iraq unit from South to North in Baghdad.

April 30, 2017

Iraqi national project continues sponsorship of conferences and activities that correspond to its orientation, aimed at establishing a modern civil State an incubator for all Iraqis without exception.

Activists have been held in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces the first Conference sponsored by national Iraqi project under the banner of Iraq unit from South to North, which included tnsikiat protests from eight provinces.

Participants stressed the need to counter attempts by the Division are working on some political actors across seminars during the Conference examined Iraq's situation in General and the reality of events and their relationship to the future of the country since it was agreed on identifying the key demands of protesters and put a worksheet be agreed away from politicizing the demands that work on some actors to confiscate people's voice penetrated the demonstrations as well as identifying problem in Iraq that it is in the political process and Constitution that became a tool for the difference not to standardize ingredients.

The project is a cross-sectarian Iraqi national and partisan draft for a promising future for all Iraqi