Integrity reveal prevent wasting 205 billion dinars from balancing Meyssan

2017-04-30 at 10:30

Baghdad scales news

Fair body, announced Sunday, to prevent wasting more than 205 billion dinars from balancing the development of the territories allocated to the province of Maysan.

The Commission said in a statement, the balance of news/copy, that "investigative strength around managed to prevent wasting more than 205 billion dinars from the budget allocated to the territories Missan province development."

She added that the "strength in exchange mechanism (205,574,364,538) billion dinars discharged illegally through fines accompanied the disbursement of agricultural Bank branch architecture for the amount.

And I followed the body, "driven by highway resulting in agricultural Bank received bills that guarantee the right to restore the per diem amount, as well as asthasalh for the value of annual interest amounting to more than nine billion dinars.

He noted that the Commission's investigations managed to recover more than 31 million dinars for Iraqi Trade Bank branch account TBI maintenance after dispensing contrary to law ", stating that" the investigations led to the branch exchange TBI for $31,969,871 million dinars, representing local currency foreign teams contrary to instructions to the detriment of public money which called on the Commission to intervene and recover the amount. "