306: reconstruction of Iraq in partnership with the private sector


The Iraqi planning Ministry, on Sunday, a Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq after the war to ISIS, in Erbil.

The planning Minister Salman jumaili said in a speech during the Conference and was followed up by "economy", the Conference aims to develop a long term plan includes the reconstruction of the devastated areas in Iraq and economic development in the years 2018 and until 2023.

Jumaili said that the reconstruction of areas dominated by ISIS 35 billion dollars needed, rebuilding Mosul alone takes $14 billion.

He noted that "one of the most important foundations in the extended plan for five years, is a partnership with the private sector, the public sector is an active role in national development, and will coordinate with the international community and international institutions, to find the best ways to reach specific goals, the United Nations had previously discussed plans to 2030".