My Blender to develop deliberate steps to make Basra economic development Act

2017/4/29 14:34

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Park Deputy block citizen of Basra well my blender for the Iraqi people and the sons of Basra fayha'a votes on Iraq's economic capital of Basra as law.

Waatbrkhlati in a statement to the media Office of representative citizens received block {Euphrates news} on that achievement, "victory for the people of Basra to promote preservation Planner, healthy and educated," decongest "everyone should contribute to the success of this law and remains an honorary title or moral basis but that deliberate steps guaranteed economic prestige and achieve economic development for the people of the country do we proceed."

"The law is a message to the world alasththmaret companies to start its work and projects in this capital city.

He thanked all members of the Iraqi Parliament who showed support for adoption of this law, also called the local government in Basra Governorate Council and Mayor, in addition to the Premier's economic punditry to initiate the first steps through the High Coordinating Committee under article 5 of law benefit from similar experiences to achieve economic recovery and comprehensive development ".

It is said that, the House voted on its proposed law on Tuesday Basra Iraq economic capital in order to develop and promote Iraqi economic realities and comprehensive economic development and promoting the standard of living and service to citizens.

The National Alliance President Ammar al-Hakim had called to make Basra Iraq economic capital, urging citizens to work to block legislation in this regard which responded to the invitation of Ammar al-Hakim, has been drafted and submitted to the House.