Abadi urged Shiites to share with others and mentions the year with beautiful land [extended]

2017/4/29 12:55

[In Baghdad]

The Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi to Iraq on the threshold of a new phase, despite the significant and ongoing challenges.

Transfer statement for each agency receives Iraq library [where] a copy, as saying during a speech at the Al-Abbadi national unity Festival held under the slogan [great victory going toward peace] "we نتهيء to declare great victory the biggest priority peacebuilding and decent life for our citizens, this home to all Iraqis of different backgrounds and perspectives.

"Our heroes are fighting battles and racking is not easy but some try to thwart the morale of fighters through his adoption lies the enemy because they have differences with the Government and invite them to leave our heroes brave and confront the Government."

Abbadi asked "where conflict has brought the country and why some try abridgement of our heroine?".

The wars which our heroes in uniform became the world perceived her lessons with admiration and audit the books for study.

And our diversity Abadi strength and not weakness, "Noting" the importance of starting page of Iraqi unity for our country and our citizens. "

And "some prime glutted trying to discourage information and using methods and misleading information to" pointing out that "ISIS spreading his lies in social media and some politicians adopt defend."

Called sons of Mosul that "no surrender to the rumors and assure them that the day of liberation is near."

"There is a campaign trying to set between Arabs and Kurds say Kurds are Iraqis first rate as other citizens."

Abadi added "address Shiite brothers and say to them that we all should rule the country and terrorism atoned all, address the Sunnis and telling them that all Iraqis fought with you to free the land of DDNS ISIS but there are voices dissonant overtones, are still trying to tell the rest of the Sabian minorities that we are all the sons of this nation."

He noted that "the people liberated areas refuse to return to their areas of cooperation with terrorists, seeking to purge State institutions and politics of malpractice."