Liisu: prepare for Turkish troops in Iraq and we will free Ayman Mosul in three weeks.

2017-04-28 at 16:10

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The Army Chief, General Othman Al ghanmi, Friday, that the Iraqi forces will end edit right coast to Mosul in three weeks, tops.

He said in an exclusive interview for "liisu RT," seen by/news, balances "Iraqi troops attacked three chemical attacks by organization of ISIS in Ayman connector", noting that "International Alliance has informed."

He added that it "caused skin rashes and some ambulance cases and measures taken precautions in case of chemical attacks were repeated.

Asked about the ratio control of Iraqi forces on the old forces, "said Al ghanmi controls 40%, and the proportion controlling ISIS within Ayman 35% estimated connector".

And on the proportion of ISIS influence across Iraq pointed liisu, that total ISIS dominated throughout Iraq up to 3.8% of total Iraq. "

Asked about the whereabouts of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Al ISIS between liisu, "the intelligence confirms move on the border between Iraq and Syria continuously."

He denied having any troops, liisu "wild American fighting alongside Iraqi forces," he said, adding that "Iraqi troops fight on the ground alone."

On the joint coordination centre between Iraq and Russia and Iran and Syria stressed liisu, "comes with very useful information for locating terrorists and processed through the joint coordination goals."

Asked about military leadership of Turkish raids on Iraqi territory, "said Turkish rags liisu under investigation there are diplomatic channels opened dialogue with the Turkish side in this regard," stressing that "Iraqi forces preparing to block the road in front of the Turkish side pretexts for violating Iraqi sovereignty."

With regard to the presence of Turkish troops near Mosul drew liisu, that "Iraqi forces won't allow this bye forces military operation"