Favor of VP to a comprehensive review of the political situation and focus on critical files

April 28, 2017

Abralamine Iraqi front for national dialogue, Saleh mutlaq EDS from Iraq's political future.

President Talabani stressed during a meeting with a us delegation comprising top scholar in foreign policy brokencz Center for strategic studies, Kenneth Pollack, Vice President of the American Center of political research enterprise Daniela blatika that Iraq is still in danger of dividing the community and calling for a comprehensive review of the political situation and focus on the vital files.

Premier's Office said that the meeting also discussed various topics on Iraq's future political, security and economic in the current political situation in the region, stressing that Iraq desperately needs the help of friends and the international community, saying that political marginalization and cornering confiscation of liberties inherent characteristics remain influential to some actors and that it could push to speed up the ripping operations community and threatens the unity of the country, noting that State and civil institutions and integrate and standardize security profiles is the perfect solution and the right way to avoid problems with one point. After ISIS.