"Petrofac" British is moving to intensify its operational and engineering activities in Iraq

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Baghdad / Range

Petrofac Petrofac British engineering projects and energy announced that it won a series of contracts in Iraq worth more than 70 million dollars will be concentrated in the provision of engineering services, operation and maintenance of two oil facilities world wars and the company Iraqi government, he described an expert on the oil issue these contracts the job, saying they contribute to the development of the fields and systems Export, without which there will be no development of those systems.

Petrofac said in a statement on Wednesday that the Middle East Office for Engineering Services and production of the company had secured winning these contracts during the first quarter of 2017 for two international oil companies in Iraq as well as the Iraqi Oil Company of the South.

Petrofac said that it started providing its services in Iraq since 2010 and has a record of achievements and important services in helping its customers from the international oil companies operating in Iraq and local companies, as well as the implementation of engineering and operational work for oil projects in the country, Iraq includes the provision of services for the operation and maintenance and implementation of engineering work and the provision of equipment contribute to increase production in Iraq's southern fields.

In addition, Petrofac has won a new contract with the South Oil Company, which includes the installation of additional loading and charging systems for oil, an extension of the company's service in Basra for six years, providing operation and maintenance services for the oil loading and export platform in the south.

Mani Rajabata, director of the Middle East, for engineering services and production company, said: "We are delighted to begin this new phase of our services in Iraq during the 2017 Dmanna contracts are important for the benefit of customers are important. These contracts demonstrate the confidence of global companies in our ability to provide services consistent with good quality level Required by them ".

"In the coming months, we will focus on providing our operational and engineering activities for the oil projects run by our oil companies to help them achieve the highest levels of oil and gas production," Rajapathy added.

For his part, said the expert in the field of oil Hamza Jeweler in an interview for (the range): These contracts are usually contracts for the processing or construction or development of the systems that the company finds for the development of fields, noting: The work of Petrofac falls within this framework,

A certain system in one of the fields and contracts of this kind is a natural and even very important with companies to develop Iraqi fields, noting: Our contracts with international companies so far have reached 11 contracts, where these companies take the contract to build a system or processing or development and implement.

Al-Jawahiri asserts that these contracts are not limited to international companies. There are national companies in Iraq. We also have development and processing of fields on the basis of the national effort, usually contracts of shipment, loading and processing with the Southern Oil Company or as the Basra Oil Company, for systems and the collection of oil and store it then collected and exported, and is still working on those systems,

there is still much to be done, because they must reach her card of the total southern Iraqi fields fully to 8.5 million barrels per day, so this system is not yet integrated , So work on it is ongoing Development and modernization, but he also saying that these contracts are will contribute to the development of fields and systems of export, and without them there will be the development of these systems, they are working on expanding the export system and build everything new, and adding what is new also after being updated old systems.

It is noted that in December of 2009 entered Iraq track licensing rounds announced in 2008, and to exert great effort, where he competed for major international companies: «Shell British Dutch, British BP, Malaysia's Petronas, PetroChina, China, France's Total, Gazprom and Lukoil Alrositan , Japex Japanese, Kogas South Alkzarih, Snanjul Angolan and other », the acquisition of contracts for what has been called the« service contracts »in the Iraqi oil and gas fields; betting on South Kogas Korean withdrawal, which is now held by investment Akkas fields in Anbar province, pre-political vision of Ola Kogaz today is studying with the Iraqi side «distribution of its contract» on the fields of the south most suitable for investment in terms of security, as well as the withdrawal of the Angolan Sinangol from the fields of Mosul (2014) for the same reason.

On April 25, 2012, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced the start of the fourth licensing round for 12 exploratory areas in different parts of Iraq, stressing that the purpose of this round is to strengthen Iraq's oil reserves.

The administration of the province of Basra on 11-12-2016, British companies to work in service projects and investment in the province, noting that there are about 200 investment opportunities for British companies to contribute, the British ambassador said that the decline in oil prices requires the establishment of other non-oil economic projects in Basra.