Governors of "Central Arabic: promoting financial inclusion for development


Economy news Baghdad:

The Council of Central Bank Governors and monetary agencies Arabic his eagerness to constantly give the issues of improving financial inclusion of priority and wide importance in the economic policy framework.

The Council said in a statement the Arab day for financial inclusion "economy received a copy of it, he was" conscious of the great importance which has gained enhanced access issues of financing and financial services in support of the comprehensive and sustained economic growth and promoting economic and financial stability. "

The Council "reaffirmed the further development of legislation and regulations and regulatory frameworks that help to improve the spread and evolution of financial and banking services, and promote innovation in this field and improve infrastructure systems for sound financial system."

The statement noted that "the Arab day for financial inclusion, aims to contribute to raising awareness and promoting financial inclusion and requirements in Arabic countries and related issues, policies and programmes.

This also comes under the Arabic States give diligence to achieve sustainable development goals 2030, access to inclusive financial services to all economic institutions and social groups in the Arabic States.

For his part, and to the Bank of Morocco and Chairman of the current session of the Council, Abdul Latif al-jawahiri, "the importance of enhancing awareness as part of efforts to improve access to financial services," stressing the importance of "cooperation through frameworks and institutions and relevant regional and international groupings and deepen partnership between the public and private sectors, to contribute to achieving universal access to financial services in Arabic countries.

Meanwhile, the President of the Board of Directors of the Arab Monetary Fund Abdul Rahman Hamidi, the importance of the decision to adopt an Arab day for financial inclusion, and its role in contributing to the development of policies and procedures for promoting financial inclusion, and examine ways to improve indicators of financial inclusion in the Arabic region, affirming keenness of Arab Monetary Fund to continue its efforts to support efforts to provide an enabling environment for achieving the goals of holistic financial services in Arabic countries.