Parliament condemns Turkish bombings and vote on the proposed law Basra Iraq economic capital {Extender}

2017/4/27 16:49

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

House voted at its twenty-ninth regular headed by Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council and attend 180 Deputy Thursday to condemn the Turkish bombardment on Iraqi territory and the economic capital of Iraq Basra act as he finished reading the 7 laws.

Information service said in a statement to the House of representatives received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "Attorney Lisa read out a statement at the beginning of the session in which it congratulated the Iraqi people edit urban guerrilla-controlled justice terrorist ISIS, assuring the completeness of the urban city editor to enter the popular crowd after Edit Center today parts of the historic city, pointing out that the popular crowd fought to save the inhabitants of Nineveh and assist displaced persons, as well as the protection of historical relics."

Security and Defence Committee denounced in a statement read by Deputy Governor of Iraq's Turkish bombardment on spend Sinjar and Habur and spend a drunken argument struck PKK forces which led the fall as martyrs of the two forces, noting that "Turkey's attack adds to the record of aggression against Iraq new aggression after Turkish President misuse the popular crowd Foundation."

The statement demanded "condemn Turkish aggression a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and interference in the internal affairs and not allowing a foreign force bye presence on Iraqi territory without the approval of the Government and not allow any power that the base or conduit using Iraqi soil by opposition parties or organizations of neighbouring countries and the Turkish Government's claim that an official apology for all the violations which affected ethnic sovereignty and compensate the affected families and prompting the State Department to transfer attack to the UN Security Council and demand that the Government call the Ambassador, noting that Security and Defence Committee to follow up the implementation of the Government of this decision. "

And read out a statement in the name of mp Khalid al-Asadi Foreign Relations Committee noted that Turkey has contributed work strained relations with her, expressing "disapproval to accuse President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the Iraqi Parliament to denounce his remarks against the popular crowd, as well as the conviction of a Turkish aircraft bombarded the city of Sinjar being a flagrant violation of Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity, calling on the Iraqi Government and the Foreign Ministry to intervene to stop such interventions.

The Council voted unanimously on the recommendations contained in my defence and Security Committee on foreign relations to condemn Turkish aggression on Iraqi territory.

Meanwhile, the President of the House of representatives on the timings of the oral questions submitted by ladies and gentlemen deputies were 9-5 day date to host chef financial control and 13-5 day date for the municipal Secretary and ages and 11-5 day date for the presence of the President of the institution of political prisoners and set 13-5 date for the presence of the Minister of electricity, 11 -5 day date for the presence of the President of the national investment and 25-5 day date for the presence of the Minister of Commerce.

Jabouri noted "not to set a date for his higher education Minister as well as the later date to host both the Prime Minister and the Minister of water resources and the oil Minister and Chairman of the Election Commission to answer an oral question.

In another context, "jaburi said Agriculture Minister sent a formal guarantee not to disengage from attending interrogation session specified in 29-4 to make a formal application includes documentation for interrogation", noting that "the Secretary of agriculture to lack documents to answer the questioning is required to provide documentation in order to answer questions or career at a later meeting.

For her part she placeholders Zainab TAEE requesting questioning its willingness to send documents and forms for questioning to the Minister of agriculture for further questioning.

In another context the President called Al-juboori Committee members and the security and Defence Committee to provide an acceptable formula on the issue of assigning a number of ladies and gentlemen deputies combat or humanitarian tasks or follow the course of the fighting.

Then the Council voted on the proposed law Basra Iraq economic capital of economy, investment and legal committees in order to develop and promote Iraqi economic realities and comprehensive economic development and advancement of living standards and service for Iraqi citizens in General and Visual citizen. "

Jabouri decided to postpone the presentation of appeals about the validity of the membership both gentlemen deputies Abraham Knight and alsenjary and chroma Ghanem, just spray, noting the appeals cannot be displayed, the lack of a quorum of two-thirds of House members.

Presidency postponed a vote on the draft law not God Ah Iraqi adoption and submitted by the Committee on the economy, investment and Trade Union Act proposal with his pain n health and of civil society committees, health and the environment as well as the postponement of the vote on the proposed law amendment III of the Supreme Commission for Human Rights Act number {53} for 2008 and presented by the Commission on human rights. "

The Council postponed the first reading of the Bill next week, the State Council and legal Committee pending deliberation with the Presidency of the Republic and the Cabinet.

The Board completed the first reading of the proposed law the bodies own degrees of independent financial and legal committees and martyrs and victims and prisoners which came in line with the invitation ltrshik ministries and State institutions and reduce financial expenditure and public spending and restructure and standardize grades of independent chairpersons and deputies and House resolution taken at number {40} dated 12/11/2015.

The Board concluded the first reading of the draft law of communications and Informatics of the culture committees and services and ages for organizing and managing communications and Informatics of the Republic of Iraq and its policy and identify the competent authorities in the process of customizing and organizing frequencies, licensing and protection of national assets in these sectors and ensure optimal use of the spectrum in order to encourage investment in the telecommunications sector and to ensure the protection of the interests of beneficiaries and provide the best service to them and keep up with technological development and promote economic development in this area.

The Board completed the first reading of the draft law of the Iraqi national oil company and submitted by the Committee on oil and energy for the purpose of establishing the Iraqi national oil company and enable it to carry work best and ensure the exercise of their independence and the provisions of law No 123 of 1967.

The Presidency decided to postpone the first reading of the draft law on health insurance of health and environment committees, labor and Social Affairs at the request of the Health Committee.

The Council concluded by reading the report and discuss the proposed law run kheraigi n priority target and of higher education and research committees, financial and legal.

In a strange house Riad mp interventions that contribute to the law proposal encouraging students and their study.

Adnan al-Asadi mp said that the proposed law is consistent with efforts by top graduates, calling to include colleges and community colleges within the Bill.

Councilwoman noted ashwaq need dry coverage of Humanities and give priority to public colleges to study the morning with the importance of giving the top three students in each College priority assignment.

Councilwoman called Hanan's PM to clarify who oblige ministries set three top students in the event of non-arrival on an opportunity set in colleges.
Noted Attorney Ammar tastes alkannon proposal will provide an opportunity for the benefit of State institutions through the provision of efficient components.

For his part, between the Mufti Government representative torhan owning their own observations of Government proposed the law be maturity through meetings with the relevant committees soon.

In its reply to interventions, the Committee stressed that universities received the proposal of law not limited to public universities but all universities officially recognized noting that law includes the first three practical sections and humanity, to take into account the observations of the ladies and gentlemen of Deputies for Browning the proposal law.

The Board completed the report and discuss the proposed third amendment to provincial law in the territory of the 2008 {21} number of provincial and district committees in the territory.

The Board completed the report and discuss fourth amendment proposal to a provincial law in the territory of the 2008 {21} number of provincial and district committees in the territory.

And in the interventions of representatives, Deputy Abbas Al-Bayati stressed the importance of amalgamating with one law that the ceiling is defined as the number of members of the provincial Council of 25 members alluding to members of counties and districts were appointed a former us civil administrator which requires review.

The Attorney noted that past experience Tamimi ULI local governments demonstrated the need to reduce the provincial councils that include executive positions in local government especially about conservative Council Vice President and his advisers.

Mp Hassan Turan noted that draft laws on local governments reduce the powers of the provincial Council and is against safety with the Iraqi Constitution.

Tightened mp suggested that conservative Councilor, district administration and respects to which it belongs.

Vegetative Attorney Hamid noted that proposals which no financial commitments but the rationalization of receivables, for executive assistants and advisers reduction in local councils.

In its reply to the interventions, the Commission indicated that reduce the number of members of the provincial Council must be based on logical and practical criteria with resolving the fate of members of the breakers and the living in the provinces, indicating that repeal unconstitutional District Councils that service and regulatory and administrative duties.

The Board completed the report and discuss the proposed law second amendment law of sports clubs (18) of 1986 and submitted to give youth and sports and civil society institutions.

Then decided to adjourn until next Saturday.