Asiacell launches humanitarian initiative to rescue the people of Mosul

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 11:23:03

Asia cell telecommunications company has launched a campaign for relief and help the displaced residents of Mosul, including the distribution of over five thousand food basket, add to safe drinking water for families in the restored areas of the city.

The spokesman said asiacell Abdullah Hassan said in a statement that asiacell and direct guidance of Farouk Mustafa, Chairman of the Board of Directors began a massive relief campaign to help the people of Mosul. "

"The campaign includes distribution of over 5000 5000 food basket, added to drinking water to families in liberated areas of ISIS and displaced families who have been affected by the current security situation in Mosul to help parents facilitate their living conditions".

"The first stage after a grueling business trip lasted 18 hours had been successful, and the delivery of assistance to displaced people from the western part of the city of Mosul, which is still burning battles and most aid was distributed in 3 different places, adding," this is the first stage of the 5 stages and there are 4 other stages will be performed weekly in various areas of Mosul. "

He said, "that the project is implemented through the human rights organization of Kurdistan as a deliberate plan to deliver aid to the largest possible number of families in Mosul."

The company earlier many humanitarian initiatives for different segments of people and especially for the displaced عدیده camps in Kurdistan and Northern Iraq and Baghdad and provide advanced means of communication and to provide my mobile camps and distribute 10,000 line equipped with free newsletters, and distribute all of loader phone 600 b 1000 free minutes to provide fast and free contact between the displaced people with each other and with humanitarian organizations for the purpose of providing urgent humanitarian support, also contributed to the company in cooperation with the civil development organization (CDO) Centre Free connection for the purpose of receiving the displaced and refugees in Iraq for the purpose of legal guidance and assistance and medical and humanitarian coordination between the refugees and the displaced Iraqis and international and humanitarian organizations in Iraq.

Kurdistan has also, in cooperation with the International Organization (REFUNITE) and ايریكسون Corporation to provide a unique service لتمكین displaced persons and refugees to search through their cell phones about missing loved ones through free (380) or send a text message free of charge.

Abdullah Hassan said that "this humanitarian initiatives is to express moral and humanitarian support for the company and a fraction of our social responsibility towards this segment of our people, and ongoing support to asiacell humanitarian projects," as he put it.

Many of the inhabitants of Mosul are suffering from lack of food and medical supplies, drinking water and electricity under bad conditions unfit for living.

Security forces were supported by the international coalition and the popular crowd participation began on 19 February last, a military operation to restore the right side from Mosul to output elements organize ISIS of the city, having regained the left side completely on 24 January last, thousands of families have been displaced from the city and its outskirts due to battles and lived in camps for displaced persons in difficult humanitarian conditions while other areas restored thousands of families from the city under a denunciation of services such as water and electricity.