Abbadi: provide citizens affordable electricity


Economy news Baghdad:

The premier warned, Haider Abadi, Wednesday, the campaign against the draft electricity collection by some corrupt, asserting that the project will provide electricity to citizens 24 hours a day.

Abadi said during a meeting chaired by the supreme body for coordination between provinces, that "all officials and conservatives into cooperation and competition in the provision of services and to move this approach without bias based on partisan or nationalist or sectarian."

Abbadi noted that "the draft electricity collection will provide 24-hour electricity for citizens and favorable price, just as consumption, not reasonable continued wasting money without addressing the imbalance in power all these years," warning of "campaign against this project by some corrupt beneficiaries of the continuing electricity crisis".

With the Office said in a statement that "during the meeting, the ad hoc had been expanded to provide electricity to citizens 24 hours by using smart meters discuss the project to serve citizens and reduce electricity wastage and review the strategy of the Ministry of electricity."