Communications: Internet service will see a big leap year end


Economy news Baghdad:

The Iraqi Ministry of communications confirmed that the Internet service in the country would see a big jump this year, with the near completion of the installation of the optical cable.

Communications Minister Hassan Rashed, in a joint press conference with the Secretary General of the Organization's communications and information Arabic Mohamed Amor, "are developing Internet and converted from aloirls to optical cable.

Rashid stressed on the sidelines of a workshop held in Baghdad, a large number of projects by the Ministry of communications in collaboration with private investment companies in the development of the communications infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Arabic Organization for communications and information, that his presence in Iraq comes to drive investment and common Arabic projects forward.

Iraqis suffer from poor Internet service at this time, especially since it follows a wireless across the towers in all provinces of Iraq.

Investor company, in partnership with the Ministry of communications with optical cable project that serves all provinces of Iraq.