Parliamentary Finance: Due to high oil prices, there is no need to deduct employees' salaries

2017 - 04-26

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Wednesday that there is no need to cut salaries of employees, as approved in the general budget, in view of the high international oil prices.

Committee member Ahmed Hama said in a press statement that the decision to withhold the salaries of employees, which was decided in the general budget for the year 2016 by 3% and in 2017 has increased to 3.8% has ceased the need for it at the present time due to high global oil prices, noting that the need of cut Was due to the deterioration of oil prices in time and ceased to increase these prices today.

He added that the government can provide for the needs of the displaced and the salaries of the popular mobilization, especially after the adoption of the law of the Commission, which obliges the government to pay their dues without resorting to the deduction of salaries of employees, stressing the need not to hold the staff consequences of the subject for a longer period of the financial committee submitted the proposal to cancel after being able to Gathering a number of signatures of deputies on the subject.

It is noteworthy that the member of the Finance Committee MP Masoud Haider, announced the formation of a subcommittee to meet with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, in order to find mechanisms to improve the performance of the Ministry of Finance, pointing out that the Sub-Committee will discuss with Abadi abolish paragraph deduction of 3.8% of the salaries of employees.

Haidar said that "the Finance Committee and during its discussion of the federal budget for the fiscal year 2017, taking into account then two ideas, the submission of a supplementary budget in the event of increased imports or the placement of amounts and additional income that enter Iraq as a reserve to support the currency and retention and commitment to the existing budget of expenses.

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