Iraq: Seven and a half million first batch to buy a housing unit in Basmajh
Select the Rafidain Bank , the first installment of 10% of the value of the housing unit for the residential project Basmajh granted to citizens and staff prices
The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement that the bank identified the value of the first installment of 10% of the housing unit in Basmajh where it reached the first installment of a residential unit , which is an area of 100 meters price (7.56 million) and seven million five hundred and sixty thousand dinars.
As was the first installment of the unit residential area 120 meters price (13.608 million) , three 1.00001 million six hundred and eighty thousand dinars.
The first batch of residential unit up area of 140 meters price may be (21.168 million) and twenty - one million eight hundred and sixty thousand.
The statement noted that it would be canceled to provide the sponsor in the case were paid 40% of the value of the housing unit
He explained that the payment of the monthly premium housing unit is one month after the date of the organization of the contract to be awarded the loan and the monthly installment payment as follows