To increase energy production and minimize disruptions.
Iraq contract with GE power system control electronically


long/zahraa Al Jassim

Iraq has suffered decades of instability of the electric power system, despite spending tens of billions of dollars on production, distribution and transport, although modern plants building or maintenance of old, and the same applies to the distribution network, which suffers because of her foot and hand meanwhile to deliberate sabotage, reflected negatively on processing citizens energy.

In order to develop radical solutions, recently contracted with MEW GE America, in order to increase electricity production by building a gaseous generation stations in Dhi Qar and Muthanna, and total capacity of 1500 MW at a rate of 750 MW for each station, the total cost of one billion and 49 million and 400 thousand dollars, following the successful experience in approaching reality with giant station 3000 MW which would allocate 90% of the processing power to the capital.

This contract will not only sustain and increase power output by about 700 MW in the peak of summer, but also ensure access for Iraq on top of the ability to make electricity available in all parts of the world, according to a company statement.

The Convention also stipulates the establishment of surveillance and diagnosis Center, the first of its kind in Iraq, to provide services around the clock, taking advantage of advanced digital solutions for GE, in addition to providing additional employment opportunities for Iraqi citizens and develop national human resources through technical training programmes and share knowledge and experience, this step is based on the current capabilities of the company in the country in terms of staff, shops and services and repair solutions.

About this Center says President of digital industries and Vice President of GE Energy, caniş Bell, in particular (range): we started this letter six years ago in General dredging, see that all industries are undergoing transformation to digital solutions using Internet, we started working in this company since 1980 where we found that a lot of companies in the energy and health sectors are turning to digital companies entered in its later online, and we also have these innovations in the field of energy, we can Help with these solutions if we provided to companies.

And we can help them out, so an approaching reality station is the first station in Iraq turns into a digital station.

And the States that have implemented this project, not Iraq, Bill said: I have applied the workarounds in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates about a month ago, but Iraq will be more countries that would benefit from this advanced technology. "Iraq also will be among the developed countries in this axis, we try not only brought technology but also training Iraqi capacity to Iraq based partner for us for over fifty years, 3000 has been trained helped recruit and staff are now working within our companies.

His Bill by saying: try it now with the Iraqi Ministry of electricity, to get this technology not only in approaching reality station but in all stations, especially approaching reality won't be just for Baghdad but for each national network, when connected to the national grid will increase the efficiency of the work of the station in General.

And regarding their projects coming in Iraq, Bill said they are not trying to bring digital solutions, but they build power plants also "we do this to provide possible solutions to improve the functioning of the electricity to not suffer the Iraqi citizen during the summer of mindful."

Meanwhile, the head of GE's digital industries in the Middle East and North Africa, Bhanu, Shekhar (how): we are trying to bring the best technological solutions for Iraq in energy and update to upgrade both of equipment or industrial Internet, as we try to expand our staff in Iraq through employment in the field of computer science to develop their skills and training, so that we can double our staff in Iraq to three times the number during the past years.

Shekhar was saying: we're also trying to start start right and there is not a waste of money, so we tie all sensors to all power systems in Iraq to get through complete information we can later analyze and see where bugs in any station. He added: this will reduce first cost that a bug makes the Government acted to fix it, and also to reduce the outage. In our work there will be a follow up, control and repair of everything remotely according to unconfirmed information of stations.

With regard to the excesses and slums, Shekhar said: the issue of slums, the surveillance system that when you come into application in hydroelectric power, we'll see exactly where we can address the problem of electricity, where the overload and wasting energy, and what we're working on right now called "modern city", are you watching everything from one room and diagnose where bugs and we treat it before any defect in any station try to know 24 hours before it occurs, and within seconds the connection directly with the station.

Seal and Shekhar by saying, they applied this system in Iraq beginning in approaching reality station: but within six months, Iraq will have a complete industrial Internet station covering all the country's electricity networks, and within two years Iraq can recover money that was invested with us for this project as the amount you save energy protection.