Nearly 2 billion dinars. A 15-year sentence for previous accounts manager at the Center for heart disease

2017-04-26 at 14:05

Baghdad scales news

The investigations service integrity, Wednesday, ruling the former bookkeeper absence in Iraqi Centre for heart diseases in medical city.

The Chamber said in a statement/balance of news copy, to the competent criminal court sentenced integrity issues, the defendant was sentenced to five years in accordance with the provisions of article 315/second part of Penal Code; for embezzling money from the accounts of the Centre".

And outlined "the Fugitive convicted repeat transaction Exchange buying medical supplies and the amount of money involved (2,302,024,050) two billion three hundred million, and twenty-four thousand and fifty dinars, where she delivered the funds intended for purchases and deliver them to the scientific offices, and then clone the transaction and show new treatment formula, and disbursements".

She continued, "the court having administrative investigation which recommended its failure didn't charge the fugitive criminal evidence report containing the signature matching instruments for signing as well as witness statements which has been enhanced by the presumption of her escape from justice, reached a sufficient conviction to be criminalized, as well as issued a warrant and inspect the fundamentalist condemned to catch them with their reservation support movable and immovable, and keep to the affected side (Ministry of health) the right to claim compensation before the civil courts after acquiring resolution deterministic class."