Transport: Iraq would get large sums of foreign aviation


The Transport Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that Iraq would get large sums through the passage of aircraft of international companies (foreign) across its airspace.

The Agency said the art dealer Abbas Imran said in a statement "the economy news, we announced open skies after the approval of international organizations to be the Eastern Iraq" security "in economic terms, this is Cedar large sums to Iraq and provides global companies limited hours and dispensing of fuel for aircraft.

"Opening Iraqi murar provides $1 billion of fuel for planes, it calculated accurate calculations by Jet fuel," confirmed "we have radar and all the territory of Iraq controlled and air defence went with sustained action civil aviation through radars.

In economic terms, the technical agent for the Ministry, said that "every State has certain fees, we in Iraq are talking about $375 each plane using Iraqi airspace, we will have more income and transit we will raise the burden on the State budget."

He continued, "will use the fees collected to develop infrastructure to catch the atmosphere completely," pointing "our detailed study that a plane going daily across Iraq.