The Iraqi delegation wraps up talks with the IMF amid optimism


The Iraqi delegation concluded talks with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank within days-long spring meetings in Washington, DC.

According to a statement by the Iraqi Ministry of finance news "economy" got a copy of it, the delegation agreed with the representative of the International Monetary Fund Middle East and East Asia Christian jaws, at the end of the talks on the Iraqi side headed by Finance Minister Abdul Razzaq agency Alissa and attend the Prime Minister's Advisor for financial affairs Mohamed Saleh appearance and a number of officials of the ministries of finance, electricity and with the participation of the Iraqi Ambassador in Washington Fred Mustafa updating meetings and joint coordination difficulties surround the financial crisis ".

The representative of the International Monetary Fund Christian nut "said optimism level understanding and progress with the Iraqi Government," adding that "joint coordination and consultation steps will be completed in the near term will contribute to addressing the financial problems posed by war and attendant economic effects."