Basra talks about the project generates profits fictional Iraq
Economy News Basrah:
Last updated 25/04/2017
- 13:19
The head of the oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Shaddad Knight on Tuesday that the oil ministry announced its willingness to embrace the project (Nebras) Petrochemicals, which the Ministry of Industry plans to stay, revealing that the Ministry of Industry has not been able so far to provide the elements of the success of the project, despite the participation of government local in Basra province by 20% of the value of the total.

He said Knight in a press statement received "Economy News", "Nebras project is a global complex of petrochemical industries it is hoped that hosted by the Ministry of Industry in Basra province, where will profits totaling more than 100 billion dollars, as well as providing more than Love a chance work in the first phase. "

He called "the Minister of Industry to approve the transfer of project management to the Ministry of Oil, which has the ingredients to ensure its success, and determine the proportion of fixed it to the Ministry of Industry in order to speed up its implementation," adding that "talks with Dutch Shell which was selected for the implementation of the project is still ongoing since three years without reaching a final agreement on the project. "

Knight continued, "The local government in Basra province, provided the land for the project and announced its participation by 20% of the total value," noting that "the delay will be implemented significant damage to Iraq in general and Basra in particular.