The Cabinet is looking for loan rates and structure citizens visit supermarkets {Extender}

2017/4/25 20:19

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Cabinet discussed during Tuesday's meeting, increase lending rates to citizens, to revitalize the private sector.

The Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi, during the weekly cabinet meeting after the Conference today, the Government introduced amendments to the amnesty law, and we don't want them to drift off, we want to ensure that the criminals behind bars ", stating" there is a decision to form a Committee to discuss with Parliament on amendments to this law and towards the right.

He added, "there was an earlier Cabinet resolution number 59 to provide functional degrees to employees of electricity contracts in Wasit station, today the Cabinet there are two in Nineveh of MEW 287 and Zora Council decided proofed validity within this framework," pointing out that many contracts setup but these were distinguished and was relied upon as key contracts in electricity and Wasit.

He continued, "we need additional sailwat for receipt and storage of wheat, the Cabinet decided to support these projects from the contingency budget has also been tackling the central markets company with markets in the provinces left where it was discussed in detail and the restructuring of this company."

"Forming a Government Commission examining the real need for electrical energy in government institutions and review mechanism to stop waste, as well as providing liquidity to support medical city hospital and Basra hospital hospital was approved to allocate liquidity for these hospitals.

He also discussed the "social protection law number 11 year 2014 are withholding from areas under the control of ISIS today after liberation must be returned, and Cabinet set the context for his return and audit to identify citizens who are poor and not belonging to ISIS and cooperate with them."

He added, "there are 5 trillion dinars allocated for loans to facilitate the work of the private sector and for youth and businessmen haviz to expand their projects or create new projects and today there is a detailed discussion of the obstacles and the achievement ratios discuss increasing lending to citizens."

Turning the Cabinet meeting, the oil wells, "display forces fire were oil wells burned ISIS in forces, last month turned Iraqi efforts we have martyrs and wounded," pointing out that "work is now to extract the oil from these wells.

"The ISIS gangs they sabotaged the generators and power adapters emptied of oil and blow up the base station on the right hand side as well as the high pressure lines so as to prevent the return of electricity and basic services," he explained, "there seems to be a team daashia available for vandalism as the burning wells.

Regarding targeting Turkish aircraft, Sinjar mountains today, "Al-Abadi said the Turkish side says there are {me KK} {PKK} in Sinjar and beaten", explaining that "the history of the relationship with Turkey that the lines back to the 1980s and this agreement with the defunct system terminated and not self and {Albee k.k.} Kurdish movement exists in Turkey, mountains and Sinjar, one cannot reach Turkey through lines controlled by the cops.

He added, "there is no agreement with Iraqi army officers posted in Sinjar, but doing business there that does not lead to improved {has aimed to} prevent security cooperation between cops and security forces to control those areas and this is unacceptable and condemn it in the strongest terms."

And the Kurdistan referendum, the Prime Minister said, "the referendum against a people or group has the aspiration, we are now in one State must work together partners and these decisions must have a federal resolution for each country, and cannot be a referendum but federal and must be within certain scales and true."

He continued, "we heard statements from some Kurdish leaders that they require specific conditions and do not know how the referendum, and frankly is not in the interest of the Kurds to secede, not in their interest economically, politically and nationally and lots of Kurdish leaders know this but others dared not talk, and I'm afraid to put all the achievement came during 13 years in history there wrong decisions for the short-sighted calculations lead to retreat backwards".