Parliament votes not to convinced President answers [extended]

2017/4/25 16:05

[In Baghdad]

Congress voted on the twenty-eighth regular meeting chaired by Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of 252 Vice Tuesday not convinced the House answers the independent High Electoral Commission and the parliamentary resolution to compel stakeholders to apply the national agricultural product protection.

A statement of the information service of the House of representatives each agency receives Iraq [where] a copy here today Chairman of the Board at the outset of the hearing the Islamic nation to commemorate the journey, at the same time adopted sons of the Iraqi people and the Islamic nation to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Musa Kazim [p].

See also gave the House of condolences and sympathy with the deaths of both Deputy Fadel Al rehab and mp, soldier and mp Abdul Salam Al-Maliki and Deputy DG.

Then the Attorney read a statement on the anniversary of hoshiar Abdollah pounding regime of Qal'at Dizah area in 1974 by aircraft which killed 163 people and wounded 300 others, noting that the regime has repressed townspeople during an uprising in the tragic memory 1982 Mammad heiran killing two and detaining dozens, calling to compensate civilians for material and moral damage suffered and provide the best service to the city.

The President announced the book acknowledges irrigation Severability of the Federal Court questioning your interpretation of [article 61 VIII/h] and its certainly ensures that independent bodies chairpersons directional administrators only but all their members if the decisions taken by them all, whether by agreement or by the majority of appointed bodies officials also include agency if granted full powers granted to the native population and their confidence is entitled and in addition to that book the Federal Court referred to the inclusion of the Minister responsible for managing other Department Agency.

If granted the inherent powers of the Minister by virtue of being an honest Minister deputies to be appointed in accordance with the Constitution and may when the recall reasons about that Minister in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the rules of procedure and may be questioning the Minister for the Internal Affairs Ministry competence which are administered by the originality and the Ministry administered by the Agency in questioning where one did not prevent the Constitution and rules of procedure of the Council as well as a passport interview the Minister in case of not attending the interrogation session.

And on a related drawing Jabouri that upon requests from ladies and gentlemen deputies 9/5 day date is selected to answer questions submitted to Transport Minister, alluding to that date will be set during a future meeting to answer questions from a number of representatives of the oil Minister and President of the Foundation for the prisoners and electricity Minister and head of the national investment Commission and Minister of higher education and Minister of trade and Minister of water resources Agency and the head of financial control and agency Finance Minister and Chairman of the Election Commission.

Then the Council voted on a resolution submitted by the parliamentary legal Commission for obliging the stakeholders applying the national agricultural product protection and stated that due to the availability of seasonal crops in Iraq in support of the peasant agricultural product marketing, support of local produce in season House decided to compel stakeholders national and product protection law enforcement work in the agricultural calendar and closing the border and prevent the import of goods products entry calendar in order to revive the economic situation of farmers and the local market of agricultural products.

He said the parliamentary committees to follow up on the implementation of the resolution with the competent authorities and call them in the event of inaction on the implementation of the resolution.

The Council proceeded to vote on the proposed law amendment III of the Supreme Commission for Human Rights Act number [53] for 2008, presented by the Commission on human rights which comes based on the requirements of the public interest and Human Rights Commission as an independent body be formed in accordance with the Paris principles and that require autonomy in the selection process and the role of the United Nations human rights office in Iraq with the Commission of experts is limited to providing technical support and advice.

The Council voted on the recommendations of the Conference convened by the Forum of Samarra's weekly Faculty of Archeology at the University of Samarra and most notably launching necessary customizations to the cooperation agreement between Salahuddin province, UNESCO and hauling important strategic projects in the city and contributing with local administration in providing global cities with those AH!! and open the old city in order to communicating and contributing to national cohesion as well as the formation of a representative delegation and collectors to visit Berlin Institute of archaeology and encourage them to explore the world and interest in Samarra Museum and media campaign to energize religious tourism and adopt the draft declaration Samarra, the capital of Islamic culture.

Meanwhile, the House voted by secret ballot on not convinced answers independent high electoral commission chief where the number of votes not conviction 119 deputies while the number of voters in a total of 118 Vice conviction keepers 15 252 deputies out of Vice.

The President said al-Jabburi, that it should have required number 127 deputies lack conviction alluding to majority doesn't mean impeach calling on those who wish to impeach to apply in this regard.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting to Thursday 27/4/2017.