Leather: product 1200km suffered and national opportunities for the private sector

2017/4/24 22:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Public company said leather and fabric industries Ahmed Kaabi, Monday, national product suffered deliberate negligence.

Kaabi said, {Euphrates news}, that "domestic industry suffered from deliberate neglect, we call since 2003, should not disable its wastage of public money, as well as providing jobs for tens of thousands of affiliates who are paid by the companies.

He added that "the operation was intended, contributed by neighbouring countries which established the Iraqi armaments factories like guarantor of the Iraqi market", noting that "many laws which initiated the national consumer product protection and customs tariff but did not apply".

Kaabi noted that "Iraqi industry above the level of the competition, and are subject to a quality control and standardization, ISO certified labs, unlike imported foreign industries."

"The products that enter the country poor and bad and make waste", pointing out "the Government will have a big file after your edits, you must turn the Government into the national industry, the industry today have more than 120 thousand affiliated if our workforce we need to weaken them."

Kaabi said, "not to build national industry affect Iraqi sovereignty," saying "we are able to open prospects for the private sector to be essential and proactive partner, we have strong opportunities in Ministry to the private sector."

The House voted on the 4th of December last, to approve the proposal of the Commission chaired by Sheikh Member Humam Hamoudi, in balancing act 2017, to oblige ministries and provinces and those not associated with the Ministry in buying their products from ministries or local product.

Came into the text of the resolution: "don't say the added value of the products collected and processed at 25% of the import cost of added value and that the local product prices are not higher than those imported by more than 10% taking into account the specifications of quality and excellence.

The ministries and those not associated with the Ministry and the provinces apply the alnso contained in the law on the protection of Iraqi products ".