The arrival of three Belgian Ministers to Baghdad for an unannounced visit

2017-04-24 at 16:51

Pursue balance news

The Interior and Defence Ministers and the Belgian migration, Monday, to Baghdad, within the framework of an unannounced visit to discuss the war on terror, "ISIS" bands with their Iraqi counterparts.

And transfer the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, reporters followed/balance of news/, "Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior arrived Baghdad Gambon Belgian Jean, accompanied by Defense Minister Steven Vandeputte, migration Thua Franken".

The source said that "Ministers will meet their Iraqi counterparts to discuss war on regulation of ISIS, and the conditions of the displaced, and the possibility of aid by the Belgian Government."

Belgium is a member of the international coalition, led by the United States against the terrorist organization, "ISIS", to provide air cover to the Allied forces in Iraq and Syria, during the war against the Organization over two years old, that was over