Wet after the accident. Preparations for a major military operation in Western Anbar

2017-04-24 at 10:42

Baghdad scales news

The joint troops launch a major military operation to purge the rest of Western Anbar, especially after killing and wounding a number of soldiers after an ambush in humid displayed is flag today.

Spokesman said Anbar fighters Ghassan alaithaoi/balance of news, "what happened to the soldiers in the wet yesterday was an ambush of soldiers during the disembarkation of duty."He added that "a week ago set off a process to purge some villages and areas west of Anbar."

He continued, "will soon be a major military operation to free the Euphrates and high seas areas west of Anbar (saw him, about him," he said, adding:

"what the ISIS controls those areas and spaces alshrayh".And the secret behind starting that process alaithaoi is not confirmed, that "spaces that ISIS is still controlled in Anbar is very large and extend to Syria and Jordan and needed a rally."

Alaithaoi predicted that "American forces stationed in the lion's eye in the process through intensive air support and counseling."