Basra Announces high liquid gas production more than 6 thousand tons per day


Economy news Baghdad:

Basra province, announced Monday, rising production of liquid gas to more than six thousand tons per day, indicating that the country's need of 4500 tons of liquid gas a day.

Said the oil and gas Committee in Basra, a Knight, in a press release received "news" economy ", there is an increase in production of liquid gas for upwards of (6000) ton per day after the opening of a group of projects for the production of this material," stressing that "current production quantity of liquid gas has exceeded the overall country need not exceeding (4500) tons per day.

"The Ministry of oil surplus material stored and exported out of Iraq via Basra ports within a set of successive shipments which provides additional financial rewards for supporting the national economy and strengthen federal country budget.

"Growing projects in the oil and gas sector and investment policy optimization of gas by oil Ministry will provide large amounts of gas and liquid gas capacitors and some other species in preparation to increase the quantities exported after their country need sufficiency, in addition to creating new jobs, and move the domestic private sector, and to achieve self-sufficiency in oil and gas derivatives.

Mighty oil Minister allaibi April 20, said Thursday from Iraq's exports exceeded the 1000 tons of liquid gas, asserting that the gas sector has seen rapid and quality leaps and we will open during the next period.